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Jeffry & Laurelyn Say:  "We are happy that we met Steve and Rhonda from Highmark Construction and Renovation Ltd. They and their workers provide excellent services.  I trust their company because they understand the work needed which they delivered within the time frame, work scope, and budget. They go the extra mile with their craft and make sure we are satisfied with the end result. They put their heart into their work, and it shows in the quality results.  I highly recommend this company. Steve and Rhonda are accessible to partner with my home projects. In the future, I will re-contract Steve for my plans for building my new house and commercial spaces. "

Philip Medina Says on FB:  "Not our first choice to lift our concrete but glad we went with them in the end. They were able to book me in right away and they did a great job lifting the concrete. I would highly recommend them! Super nice and professional husband and wife team!" 

Rocco Cetta Says on FB:   "Outstanding work! I was happy with the end results. My driveway had dropped about 3" from the garage. Highmark was able to lift it and get the job done so quickly. The holes that were drilled into the driveway to inject the material that would lift the driveway are barely noticeable. They are so tiny that you have to walk up close to even see them. Each day that passes, they simply blend into the existing and is becoming more difficult to spot. Afterwards friends and family noticed right away the improvement in my driveway. My only regret was that I didn't call sooner. Looking forward to using Highmark in the future for any other renovation projects."

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Stephen Derksen

Owner / Journeyman Carpenter / Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker / Certified Spray Foam Technician / Certified Polyurethane Concrete Leveling Expert

Rhonda Derksen

Owner / Designer / Marketing Director / Bookeeper

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

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